What’s the Difference Between Professional Services and Do-It-Yourself Disinfection?

What’s the Difference Between Professional Services and Do-It-Yourself Disinfection?

Due to the pandemic that is presently affecting the world, the frightful fatality rate soars to an unimaginable high, and a number of people are reported to succumb to the disease every day.

In order to effectively address this concern, everyone should observe the recommended basic safety guidelines as not to be inflicted by the virus, such as, but not limited to, the wearing of face masks at all times, observation of the social distancing protocol, and the application of disinfectants, including the areas we are staying at as well as hand and body disinfection.

People may undertake their own respective deep cleaning in Clearwater FL, but they may just be reducing the number of viruses and germs because the cleaning is being done improperly. A thorough disinfection procedure has a step-by-step process to be undertaken, using the right solutions and protective gears.

The conduct of professional disinfection services in Clearwater FL seems to be simple, but it is actually complicated due to the risks it might involve. That being said, the proper procedure should be undertaken in order to result in:

· The reduction of the risk of infection or illness;
· The prevention of cross-contamination;
· The reduction on the operation’s downtime by 75% or more; and
· The reduction of suspected cases.

The procedure of cleaning and disinfection services in Clearwater Florida should observe the following:

Step 1: Risk assessment – this classifies whether or not the environment is a low-risk item, high-risk item, or an intermediate risk item.

Step 2: Cleaning and disinfection before proceeding to the disinfection process – this is a pre-requisite step to undertake in which surfaces and equipment must be cleaned.

Step 3: Selection of the right disinfectant solutions – each of our disinfectants is EPA-registered and is considered a hospital-grade product.

Step 4: Appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – the application of chemicals is dangerous, and the use of PPE is strongly advised to protect one’s self to ensure suitable infection control and protection.

Step 5: Proper PPE Disposal and other similar items – the observance of proper PPE disposal is indispensable as not to contaminate others.

In view of the aforementioned facts, it is noteworthy to consider that it will be effective if you allow the experts to conduct proper disinfection procedures.

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