You Can Be Acne Free!

You Can Be Acne Free!

Many people who suffer from chronic and consistent outbreaks, whether on their face or anyplace else on their body, wonder if they can ever be acne free.  After all, many have been plagued with this problem since the time they were teenagers and still have breakouts even though they are now well past adolescence.  Acne to them has become a constant companion and a daily site every time they look in the mirror.  But in truth, no matter how long you’ve had your breakouts or how bad they are, it is possible to be acne free once and for all.

The real key to becoming acne free is to understand what is really causing acne, and it’s not what people typically think.  While it’s true that pimples are made up of dirt, oil and bacteria, everyone has these things on their face and not everyone has acne.  Getting rid of this dirt and other elements is only part of trying to be acne free.  The problem with those who have acne is that when the dirt and oil gets caught in hair follicles and open pores, a thin layer or skin forms over it so that it grows into a pimple.  Most people don’t have this layer of skin that forms, so the dirt and oil gets rinsed away in the shower rather than growing into a pimple, so then they are acne free.  It’s this layer over the opening where dirt is trapped that makes them break out, not just the dirt itself.

Some people then assume that to be acne free they should just scrub their face so as to break open that layer of skin over those pores, but this doesn’t help either.  You can’t just break open this skin to let the dirt and elements out without causing injury to it.  Doing this is just like breaking open your skin on any other area of the body – it’s going to cause scarring and be very bad for it.  You might drain these particular pimples but this doesn’t lead to you being acne free permanently, as more pimples will just form.

Usually topical solutions that dry the oils and clean the dirt out of your pores is the best thing you can use to be acne free.  These solutions treat the elements inside the pimples and help them to heal without injuring the skin.  Even so, these solutions should be gentle on the skin rather than harsh.  Overdoing it with product and the ingredients in those products is going to irritate your skin even further.  Remember, you need to treat your skin gently and kindly rather than thinking you should “punish” it for having breakouts.  Sometimes pimples happen because the skin is irritated and overcompensates by producing more oil than before, causing more breakouts.  To be acne free it’s important to care for your skin overall, including a good regimen of gentle cleaning, moisturizing, and by getting proper nourishment through your diet and things you eat.

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